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Since 2007, Kinetic Marketing and Creative has been delivering high quality strategic and creative marketing materials to clients nationwide. From developing memorable logos to implementing digital strategies that generate impressive returns on investment, the Kinetic team has a reputation for simplifying the complexities of marketing to generate results for some of the top organizations in the country.

In 2023, Kinetic acquired HalfLyte because we decided our marketing expertise shouldn’t be limited to the big guys. Using our same high-level strategies, we’re now offering affordable packages to small businesses, just like yours! While we may do things a bit differently around here, the HalfLyte/Kinetic team is dedicated to helping you achieve your marketing goals with itemized packages that match your needs and budgets.

Your small business is a big deal — we’re here to create the roadmap to lead you to success.



Email Marketing

Local Listings

Paid Media


Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Management

Website Design and Development

Website Hosting

Direct Mailers 

…and nearly anything you need for your small business to succeed.